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Welcome to
our tapas restaurant.


Tapassio was created following our passion for Spanish tapas.

We are not a traditional Spanish restaurant though, since we are offering also Hungarian, Italian and other Mediterranean dishes in tapas size.

When placing your order please consider that unlike in a usual restaurant we suggest ordering for the entire table and sharing it family style.

Sharing tasting size dishes has always been part of the dining culture of the Mediterranean. In Spain they call it tapas, in Greece you can find it in the ouzeries, in the Middle East you can enjoy their so called meze. Sharing dishes helps strike up conversations and create memorable evenings amongst friends.

“We suggest trying 6-8 tapas for two persons for dinner depending on your appetite, accompanied by our carefully selected international and Hungarian wines and spirits.”

Team-building wine quiz, with scent recognition, tapas and wine tasting

An exciting, playful team building program that will remain a lasting memory. Divided into teams of 4-5 people, the colleagues can compare their wine knowledge with the non-academic, sometimes funny, but still meaningful wine quiz. The competition is enriched by scent recognition from ampoules containing the typical scents of wines (pineapple, pepper, cinnamon, leather, mushroom, etc.), where everyone swears by their perception, but many are surprised when the truth is revealed.

In the meantime, an excellent tapas and wine tasting lunch from Tapassio’s most popular dishes.

We offer a Mediterranean atmosphere and a real, lasting experience in the middle of Budapest to everyone who is interested in the world of wine and likes to eat and drink well in a cozy environment.


  • the length of the program is approx. 3 hours
  • start: 11.00; 12:00; 13:00 Tuesday to Friday
  • minimum 16, maximum 50 people
  • available in Hungarian or English